The Effects of Sensory Processing Disorder

The Effects

 In Children…

Generally, those with Sensory Processing Disorder have joint and muscle impairments that cause difficulty with motor skills or other abilities that affect their normal functioning with children their age in school, play, and childhood itself. Because of this, they can lack self-esteem or even become isolated from their peers, which could eventually lead to potential development of other social and emotional issues.

Unfortunately, this can all culminate in a variety of ways such as academic failure, inability to make friends, and being labeled (e.g., disruptive, clumsy, “out of control”). From this stems problems like anxiety, aggression, and depression that can cause even further social isolation.

Because Sensory Processing Disorder is commonly referred to as a “hidden disorder”, it often is misdiagnosed and therefore mistreated, or left undetected entirely.

[Kids playing in the room]. Retrieved April 11, 2015 from
[Kids playing in the room]. Retrieved April 11, 2015 from

In Adults…

When this happens, the result is often an adult with long-term affects. These long-term affects could be seen as more evolved versions of the affects on children. Social isolation, depression, difficulty maintaining work, decreased self-confidence, and trouble with relationships and friendships are but a few examples of this.

~~ I think that this is largely why it is imperative that anyone working in this field or one that relates and/or interacts with ours is aware of Sensory Processing Disorder, rather than continue having it be known as a “hidden disorder.” It is our job to be able to properly recognize and distinguish this disorder just as it is expected with any other. Misdiagnosis, mistreatment, and simply not picking up on the disorder are not options.

The qualities of peoples’ lives are resting upon more knowledgeable professionals and proper acuity. We must strive to be the change. 🙂 ~~


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